“Strike Scream Run” is an instrumental progressive rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Their music is a fusion of jazz, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock. They began playing together at Humber College in Justin Gray’s Indo-jazz ensemble in 2013. The rhythm section really clicked and Jennifer was inspired by Gray’s writing. She wanted to write music in this style, but heavier. She did this by adding synthesizers, organ, distorted guitar, and heavier drum grooves to compositions that were inspired by Gray’s music. Her writing is also influenced by jazz artists including Avishai Cohen, Shai Maestro, Vijay Iyer, Donny McCaslin and rock bands including Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. 

“Strike Scream Run” initially began in 2014 as “The Jenn Pos Band” with the rhythm section from Justin Gray’s indo-jazz ensemble and one of the saxophone players. In 2015, they released their first EP, “There’s No Knowing Where You Might Be Swept Off To.” The album is meant to take the listener on a journey, through many unexpected twists and turns. All of the song titles on the album come from “Lord of the Rings.” The song titles are about Frodo’s journey, and the anticipation of the unexpected. 

"Track 3: "There's No Knowing..." takes "You know my name is Simon..." as it's jumping off point, progresses quickly through a rock-piano ballad feel into a full-on progressive jam worthy of Pink Floyd's best extended instrumental passages (from the likes of Meddle, Animals, Wish You Were Here). Ear candy for lovers of Prog or Classic Rock with Jazzy leanings."
- Todd McGinnis, actor & music lover

"The variety of textures, moods and layering of the keyboards was terrific. Lots of energy, really enjoyed it! Having the sax in the background on the first part of "Step Onto The Road" was a great effect, as was the vocalist singing like an instrumentalist which creates a haunting mood. Loved the Hammond organ as well as the drummer on "There's No Knowing." I look forward to hearing more of your work in the future."
- Rick Hiltz, guitarist

In 2016, the band changed their name from “The Jenn Pos Band” to “Strike Scream Run.” They wanted a name that better suited the music and represented the fact that everyone now plays an equal role in the songwriting process. Their music relies heavily on improvisation and each band member brings a distinct sound to the table. Jennifer Pos’ keyboard playing can often be described as “old school,” and she clearly listens to a lot of Pink Floyd. The way she plays organ demonstrates this particularly well. Al Purcell can be characterized by his tasteful melodies, slide guitar playing, and rockin’ solos. Patrick Nabuurs plays fretless bass very melodically and hits the low notes on his 5 string bass. Jennifer often writes drum features into her music by having Justin McHugh play a solo over an ostinato pattern. Justin keeps things interesting rhythmically by superimposing various time signatures on top of each other. Gary Sahsuvar, the newest member of the band, is a saxophone player who knows how to rock out.  Although the band is primarily instrumental, they often feature Melanie Pos on vocals. Melanie is a classically trained singer, her voice is powerful, yet it has a gentleness to it, which gives it almost a haunting quality within the context of the band. 

“Eclectic, somewhat psychedelic and maybe a little avant-garde. Unique instrumentation lends itself to interesting originals and creative takes on covers.”
- Serge Taliansky, promoter

“Strike Scream Run” can currently be found playing at various venues in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario, including Junction City Music Hall, Duffy’s Tavern, Lee's Palace, and The Doors Pub. They are in the process of writing new material to be recorded in early 2019.